Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Connectivity between and bridged segment and a routed segment. (Question #26)

Consider a router that has two hosts connected to a bridged segment on a couple of ethernet interfaces in the subnet The same router has a routed segment on an ethernet interface in the subnet to which a host is connected. The corresponding configuration on the router is

interface Ethernet0/0
no ip address
bridge-group 1
interface Ethernet1/0
no ip address
bridge-group 1
interface Ethernet2/0
ip address
no keepalive
bridge 1 protocol ieee

The hosts on the bridged segment have the IP addresses and while the host on the routed segment has the address

It is now required that all three hosts be able to ping each other. What additional configuration is needed on the router to achieve that level of connectivity between the hosts? Note that the constraint to the solution is that the bridged segment should continue to bridge while the routed segement should continue to route.

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