Friday, March 10, 2006


Identifying IS-IS neighbor areas. (Question #36)

Given the following output from the show isis neighbor command from a network where all the routers are level-1-2 routers running IS-IS, identify which of the neighbors of R1 the same area as R1 and which are in other areas?

R2#sh isis neighbors

System Id Type Interface IP Address State Holdtime Circuit Id
R1 L1L2 Se2/0 UP 28 00
R3 L1 Et0/0 UP 22 R5.01
R4 L1 Et0/0 UP 27 R5.01
R5 L1 Et0/0 UP 8 R5.01
R8 L2 Se3/0 UP 21 00


Redistributing into IS-IS. (Question #35)

What is wrong with the following attempt to redistribute EIGRP routes into IS-IS?

router isis
net 49.0101.6666.6666.6666.00
is-type level-1
redistribute eigrp 100 metric 10
passive-interface Loopback0


IS-IS Level 2 router for area. (Question #34)

Given the following output from a show isis database command, can you identify which of the neighbors of the router on which this command was issued is a level-2 router?

IS-IS Level-1 Link State Database:
LSPID LSP Seq Num LSP Checksum LSP Holdtime ATT/P/OL
R2.00-00 0x000000FD 0x0A2B 616 1/0/0
R3.00-00 0x000000EB 0x927D 367 0/0/0
R4.00-00 * 0x000000E7 0x6242 816 0/0/0
R5.00-00 0x000000E4 0x3008 744 0/0/0
R5.01-00 0x000000EF 0xC5F0 498 0/0/0

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