Thursday, February 23, 2006


NAT problem. (Question #22)

The following configuration has an error that causes NAT to fail on the router on which this configuration was done. Can you spot the problem?

ip local pool NATPOOL
ip nat inside source list 101 pool NATPOOL
ip classless
ip route Null0
no ip http server
access-list 101 deny ip
access-list 101 permit ip any
route-map NATMAP permit 10
match ip address 101


EIGRP and multiple paths. (Question #21)

Consider the above network of five routers with all of them running EIGRP. Assume that all the serial links have the same bandwidth of 1544 Kbits. There are three equal cost paths from R1 to R5 and EIGRP will load balance across these three paths.

Now assume that you are asked to use the following command
bandwidth 10000

on some interfaces such that the end result is that EIGRP sees only one path from R1 to R5 and that is the one through R2. Where would you have to apply the command to achieve that end result?

Now consider the same network which has EIGRP link metrics as indicated in the network diagram. There are three unequal cost paths from R1 to R5. By default, EIGRP would only choose the best path through R2 and ignore the other two paths. If you were to issue the following command
variance 2 

under the EIGRP router configuration on R1, what additional paths would be used for traffic from R1 to R5?

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