Saturday, April 29, 2006


Tips for working for IP addresses.

Over time most people working in IP networking develop their own private toolbox of tips and techniques for nimble handling of IPv4 addresses to help with everyday tasks like figuring out the subnet a given address belongs to, the class an address belongs to or subnetting with variable length subnet masks that require being familiar with the structure of a IP address down to its bits. When I was starting out, I recall seeing people effortlessly specifying the mask for an interface whose address was specified in slash notation and being quite impressed. However, I have never seen any article that tries to collect these practical tips and techniques in one place. That is, not until now.

The latest issue of the Internet Protocol Journal which showed up in my mailbox yesterday contains an article that attempts to be a survey of sorts of such techniques and makes for interesting reading. The article is available online and I would recommend reading it. However, I did notice that one technique I use that was taught to me by an instructor in a class I took to quickly generate subnets with variable length subnet masks was not included in the article. I will perhaps expand on that technique in a future post.

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