Monday, February 20, 2006


Summarizing routes with EIGRP and RIP. (Question #18)

Assume two routers connected to each other over ethernet. Router1 is advertising the following prefixes
to Router2. Assuming that the routers are running EIGRP (AS 100), specify the command to cause the manual summarization of these prefix advertisements to instead. Will the command for summarization have to be applied globally or to an interface?

Next assume that the routers are running RIPv2 instead of EIGRP. Specify the command to be used for RIPv2 to achieve the same goal.

in the case of eigrp.type a command in interface mode saying

ip summary-address eigrp 100

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That's thr right answer for EIGRP. What about the answer for RIPv2?
for rip it would be
ip summary-address rip
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