Monday, January 23, 2006


Welcome to my blog!

I intend to add my notes as I study for Cisco certification exams to this
blog. I will be posting problems and after the problems have been
discussed in the comments, I will supply the answer after some time
if the answer has not been figured out yet.

I am an advanced student of Cisco technologies and currently pursuing my
CCIE. My technique for studying tends to be to create problems around concepts
that I am studying and it is those problems along with other interesting
Cisco-related networking problems I come across that I will be posting on this blog.

Enjoy my blog!

Happy sailing, Cisco da Gama!!

My impression is that when we configure the router with a WIC 2T card, configurations are stored in the router, not in the WIC card. So if I replace the original WIC card with another one, this shall not make any difference, means I need not configure it again. is it correct ?
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