Sunday, January 29, 2006


Redistributing with route-map statements. (Question #4)

Is this reasonable configuration for a route-map that is being used to control redistribution?

route-map test deny 10
match ip address prefix-list PFX
set tag 8

If it is, what is the route-map achieving? If not, why not? I will put up the answer if there is discussion in the comments.

Looks like you're going to tag any routes that match a named Prefix-List "PFX" with a tag of 8.

I've seen prefix lists like this used for complex redistribution and to prevent route feedback. You set a tag, which "marks" the packet. You can then use a corresponding prefix-list to block certain tags.
Actually, this was a trick question. :) Note that the route-map has a deny and so the "set" statement does nothing at all since routes matched by the prefix list will be denied.
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